(Find Me) in the Desert

by Jonathan Gunderson

My family’s life turned on a dime. Some of it was at the expense of other people’s decisions. Some of it was due to our own way of coping with life. Not all of it was what it seemed to be! Life started to careen out of control and it was as if our hands could not embrace it (life). The blame game started. Addictions rose to the surface. Dysfunction became the norm and absolute chaos reigned in our lives. Almost always inevitable darkness loomed. How could God do this? Why would God allow this to happen to us? In the desert, there was pure Hell. Yet in the darkness, a light would shine intermittently. There were epiphanies about ourselves. Some beautiful, some very painful. But slowly good overcame evil. We needed more wholeness in our lives. We didn’t know how bad off we had become. What we needed we received.

In the Desert you may find that:

  • God is not always who We think He is.
  • Sometimes we need to be pushed over the edge to become healthier.
  • It does make a difference in how we live our lives.
  • There can be beauty where there were once ashes.
  • Life is not random.
find me in the desert

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