Church Project: A Biblical, Simple, and Relevant Pursuit of Church

by Jason Shepperd

In a church culture becoming increasingly focused on “cultural relevance,” how can leaders guide their church in a way that returns to the Bible and honors God? Throughout his years of ministry, this was a question Jason Shepperd continued to ask. Many churches around him were focusing their resources internally instead of making disciples and meeting needs, and Jason knew God wanted more for the Church and for his people.

In 2010, God led Jason and a small group of rebels to found Church Project. Through praying and searching Scripture, they knew God was leading their church into these simple core values:

  • Unashamedly Biblical
  • Irreducibly Simple
  • Understandably Relevant
  • Radically Generous

And, they would structure the church according to the three key divisions of the biblical early church:

  • Sunday Gatherings
  • House Churches
  • Ministry Partnerships

Within 6 years, without marketing strategies or typical growth models, the church would grow to over 3,500 people, help plant 16 churches, and would work up to giving away millions of dollars and 50% of their yearly budget. In Church Project, Jason shares how God led them to structure the church and return to biblical church planting. He explains how their church has stayed committed to their core principles and helped their congregation to live out these values. Jason’s desire is to share the lessons God has taught him over the years and to guide church leaders seeking to return their churches to God’s true plan for his people.

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