Bum Phillips: Coach, Cowboy, Christian

by Bum Phillips


Bum Phillips became head coach of the National Football League’s Houston Oilers in 1975. He retired from the league 10 years later as one of its most colorful characters of all time. While fans of Luv Ya Blue remember Phillips for his cowboy hat and boots, for his down-home Texas yarns, most people don’t know he survived deadly battles during World War II, stumbled almost accidentally into football and later gave his life, during a trip to prison, to Jesus Christ. The book chronicles his transformation from a beer-drinking cowboy, U.S. Marine, and football coach to a devoted son of God.

The complete story of a pro football icon. In it, you will learn:

  • Behind-the-scenes stories from his favorite NFL times.
  • How a small-town man ascended the ranks of high school, college and pro football.
  • Gripping accounts of his time during World War II.
  • His struggle to balance family life with NFL demands.
  • How a trip to prison catapulted this good ol’ boy into a faithful Christian.

“He is a Bum – only in name. One of the most generous, loyal, and caring individuals I have ever known in sport. He balanced leadership and friendship better than anyone who ever stood on an NFL sideline. We can all learn from him and his remarkable life.”

— Jim Nantz, Emmy Award-winning CBS Sports broadcaster

“People go through life never having the chance to experience special times and special people. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to share all of this with Bum Phillips and I feel blessed having done so. It is an honor to have shared my life with him.”

— Dan Pastorini, Former quarterback of the Houston Oilers

“Bum Phillips’ book … will be a blessing to you. He was a great football coach as well as a mentor to hundreds of football players. To me, his greatest accomplishment is the fact that he found the Lord Jesus as his Saviour at age 76. God helped him to succeed in his career because His gracious Hand was upon him. I love you, Debbie and Bum, and I salute you!”

Dodie Osteen, Co-Founder of Houston’s Lakewood Church

“When you read this book, it’s like being on the sideline with Bum Phillips, who coaches you up as only he can do. I love my coach and you will, too.” Mike Barber, ProClaim founder and former tight end for the Houston Oilers “This book blew me away! I am the No. 1 fan of Luv Ya Blue and Bum Phillips, and I’m still floored with the Bum I never knew: Marine Hero, Coach, Southern Gentleman, Family Man! Add to the list: Born Again. And it shows. WOW DOES IT SHOW! It will leave you in awe of the real Coach Phillips. Three words sum up the impact and scope of this book: The Lord, The Love, The Legacy. It’s much, much more than just one great read.”

— Dr. John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Houston


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