Lucid Books: Your Partner in Publishing

Do you have a calling on your heart that is just begging to be shared? Do you want the opportunity to become a published author?

Lucid Books may be the perfect writing partner you’ve been looking for all along.

We are an independent publishing company providing partnership publishing services to writers of all skill levels. Our authors get to work with us on their terms rather than give over control to a traditional publisher or going it alone through self-publishing.

Let’s dive into how partnership book publishing works and what our publishing process looks like here at Lucid Books.


Lucid Books is a company driven by one goal: to help our authors inspire, inform and enrich the lives of their readers. With our team’s background, we provide you with expert guidance – from your first inquiry all the way through publication day. We combine the rigorous acquisition process and tailored editorial guidelines to make sure that you, as the author of your book, can achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of with our support and encouragement as your partners in publishing along the way.

With experts on hand in editing, production, marketing, and distribution, we work alongside you to publish a book that people will love to read and share for years to come.


Our stringent acquisition process and editorial guidelines, tailored specifically to each of our author’s unique needs, have enabled us to establish a respected publishing label with excellent authors and high-quality books for more than 15 years.

Here’s what our publishing process looks like:

  • Learn and Review: Kick off things off by submitting your manuscript or book proposal. Our author development expert will then connect with you to learn and absorb your vision and goals for your book.
  • Strategy Development: After review and acceptance, our specialized editors develop your publishing strategy by proofreading your manuscript.
  • Visionary Design: Our experienced designers craft a unified theme to target your ideal audience.
  • Book Promotion: We help you create a marketing strategy for your book’s maximum exposure and success.
  • Production: Our team handles the production details, including presales, ebook conversions, distribution, and marketing.
  • Publishing: Your book is now written, designed, published, and in the hands of your readers.

At Lucid Books, we understand how important it is to find trusted people who can guide you through the publishing process and care about your work as you grow through the writing process to become a successful author. Our team is ready to partner with you because we believe you have an important message, and we want to help you share it.

Are you ready to get published? Let’s talk!